Spring 2022 Schedule

Spring 2022

January 25 - Ewa Atanassow, Bard College, Berlin, ‘Popular Sovereignty on Trial: Tocqueville vs. Schmitt.’

Discussant – Vatsal Naresh.

February 1 - David Froomkin, Yale University, ‘Hobbesian Libertarianism.’

Discussant - Armando Perez-Gea.

February 15 - Owen Phillips and David Froomkin, Yale University, ‘Rawls and Historicism.’

Discussant - Amanda Weiss.

February 22 - Alexander Kirshner, Duke University, ‘Why Political Philosophy Requires Robust Arguments: The Case of Open Borders.’

Discussant - Armando Perez-Gea.

March 29 - Benjamin Straumann, New York University, ‘Roman Rights Talk: Subjective Rights in Cicero and Livy.’

Discussant - Ishaan Jajodia.

April 5 - Paul Franco, Bowdoin College, ‘The Great Politics of Thus Spoke Zarathustra.’

Discussant - Owen Phillips.

April 19 - Laura Valentini, LMU Munich, ‘Normative Powers.’

Discussant - Da’Von Boyd.

April 26 - Celine Spector, University of Paris-Sorbonne, ‘Rousseau’s Case against Democracy.’

Discussant - Chris Chambers.

May 3 - Isaac Nakhimovsky, Yale University, ‘Holy Alliance: The Most Liberal of All Ideas.’

Discussant -  Isabelle Laurenzi.